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Phil Brooks KSN

Chief Instructor

I am Phil Brooks KSN (second-degree black belt), Chief Instructor and school owner of Kuk Sool Won Ikast. I started training in 2008 in Bromley Kent with (now) 5th-degree master Matthew Boniwell PKJN (KSW Cork) When Mathew moved to Ireland I joined Kuk Sool Won of Sevenoaks and started training with 5th-degree Andy Lapham PKJN and continue to train under his instruction.


I have competed in UK and European Championship tournaments winning over 30 medals in forms, techniques, sparring, and weapons. I continue to compete as well as assist in judging, testing, and participating in the masters' demonstrations at tournaments. 


I moved to Denmark from the UK in July 2017. I opened the school, after agreement and authorization from GrandMaster Kuk Sa Nim. It was a great opportunity to introduce Kuk Sool Won to Denmark, a new territory for WKSA as there was no footing in Denmark until the Ikast school opened in October 2018. 

I am a dedicated martial artist and am thrilled that I am able to bring this family martial art to Ikast and Denmark. The club certainly made history and now has a strong team of over 75 registered students - and continues to grow 


I have been taught to never stop learning, growing, improving, and developing. BUT MOST OF ALLl, Stay Humble, be polite, be respectful, and listen to those that share positive advice.

Our instructor team

Ready to teach you the ethos, the skills and the values of Kuk Sool WonTM


I started Kuk Sool Won at KSW of Sevenoaks Kent UK, under the same instructor as JKN Phil. 

I took some time off from my regular training to help JKN Phil set up Kuk Sool Won Ikast. As the club started to grow, i commenced my training and am testing for my JKN black belt level. 

Lisbeth DBN


I Started KSW in late November 2018. 
I come from a background of trying multiple martial arts, here among jiu-jitsu, ninjitsu, systema and mainly taekwondo. 

I started doing KSW when I first found about it, and it ticks all the right boxes in combining pretty much all of the previous martial arts I've tried into one. 

Morten DBN


My name is Martin and I live in Ikast with my wife and our little daughter  - 1,5 years old. 

I started training in Kuk Sool about two years ago. After doing Taekwondo, Systema and Ninjutsu I  joined Kuk Sool Won. I chose Kuk Sool was the values and over-all-spirit of the Martial arts. 

Martin DBN


I live in Ikast with my husband and 3 sons. I work as a graphic designer and photographer for Børnenes Kartel. My first class at Kuk Sool Won was in January 2018.Before starting Kuk Sool Won, I used to go to Taek Won Do, where I achieved a  red belt. 


I met JKN Phil after he moved to Denmark and when I discovered he had started the club in Ikast, I became curious and wanted to see what it was about. Kuk Sool Won has lots of good human values as well as being a form of self-defense. It is very important to me to do a sport that challenges me physically but also mentally, and Kuk Sool Won is perfect for this. Kuk sool won has helped me develop in a maybe not so obvious way. I used to suffer from stress and anxiety and the consequences of this.


With the constant support of Phil and the other members of the club, I have succeeded in achieving things I didn't think was possible and my self-confidence has grown. To me, Kook Sool Won is about personal development, helping, and respecting others.

Majbrit DBN


My name is Melissa Lory. I’m 11 years old. I started KSW with JKN Phil Brooks,  since the first day of his club in October 2018. I choose to do KSW because I had some self-defence classes with JKN Phil Brooks at my school and after I wanted to do and learn more.

I love to do KSW. It is fun, excellent for physical exercises, I learn a lot with JKN Phil and he is a great instructor and since I started KSW I started to be more confident in my self and I am not as shy as I was.

Melissa DBN

It doesn't matter how slow you go, as long as you don't stop!

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