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Learning about what we are saying, when and why. 


Basic Korean Terminology


As soon as you step foot into the Dojhang, there is a whole host of different terminology that we use, from the way we greet each other to the way we thank each other for their time, knowledge, and learning.

Often new students are thrown by the terms we use and it can become confusing, however, the more you use the correct terms, the more they become part of your normal. 


On this page, you will see a whole list of terminology and basic Korean greetings. As you advance through the black belt ranks, you should also take time to earn basic Korean conversational language. 

Belt Grade Official Tittles

Brown-Black Belt  

Dahn Bo Nim - Black Belt Candidate

First Degree Black Belt

Jo Kyo Nim - Instructor in Training

Second Degree Black Belt

Kyo Sa Nim - Assistant Instructor

Third Degree Black Belt

Pu Sa Bum Nim - Deputy Instructor

Fourth Degree Black Belt

Sa Bum Nim - Instructor

Fifth Degree Master

Pyung Kwahn Jahng Nim - Master

Sixth Degree Master

Joo Im Kwahn Jahng Nim - Head Master

Seventh Degree Master

Ji Do Kwahn Jahng Nim - Senior Master

Eighth Degree Master

Suhn Im Kwahn Jahng Nim - Executive Master

Ninth Degree Master

Su Suhk Kwahn Jahng Nim - Senior Executive Master

Tenth Degree Master

Chong Kwahn Jahng Nim - International Chiefmaster

Grand Master - Kuk Sa Nim

National Teacher, a title bestowed by the Korean Government.

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Basic Terms

Yea Eue: Etiquette

Doh Jahng: Practice Hall

Soom She Ki: Breathing

Kyung Neh: Bow

Doh Bok: Uniform

Ki Cho Jah Ki: Breathing Exercises

Cha Ryuht: Attention

Di: Belt

Ki: Internal Life Force

Juhng Jah: Proper Sitting

Eue Bok: Clothing

Ki Hahp: Forcing Ki by Pressure when Breathing

Joon Bee/Jim bey: Ready

Soo Ryuhn: Practice

Mon Puhl Ki: Warm-up Exercises

She Jahk: Begin

Geu Mahn: Stop

Kuk Ki: National Flag

Geut: Finish

Shee Uh: Rest

Won Ki: Kuk Sool Association Flag


Hah Nah: One

Dul: Two

Set: Three

Net: Four

Dah Suht: Five

Yah Suht: Six

Il Gohp: Seven

Yuh Duhl: Eight

Ah Hohp: Nine

Yul: Ten

Seu Mool: Twenty

Suh Reun: Thirty

Mah Heun: Forty

Shwin: Fifty

Yeh Soon: Sixty

Il Heun: Seventy

Yuh Deun: Eighty

Ah Heun: Ninety

Baek: One Hundred

Parts of the Body

Bahl: Foot

Bahl Deung: Foot Top (Instep)

Bahl Koom Chi: Heel

Dah Ree: Leg

Moo Reup: Knee

Sohn: Hand

Sohn Mohk: Wrist

Ahn Sohn Mohk: Inside Wrist

Bahl Mohk: Ankle

Pahl Koom Chi: Elbow

Uh Kae: Shoulder

Hyul: Pressure Point

Mok: Throat or Neck

Noon: Eyes

Dari: Leg

Pahl: Elbow Arm

Ko: Nose

Yip: Mouth

Yip Sool: Lips

Muh Ree: Head

Gui: Ears

Directions and Moves

Ahn: Inside

Ahp: Front

Yuhp: Side

Dee, Dwee: Back

Dee Uh: Jumping

Hweh Juhn: Turning

Doh Rah: Spinning

Yahng: Both

Ssahng: Double

Yuhk: Reverse

Ban De: Other Direction

Dee Roh Doh Rah: Turn Around

Sahng: High

Joong: Middle

Hah: Low

Greetings and Phrases

Ahn Young Hah Shi Nee Kah?:

Hello/Hi/How Are You?

Ahn Young Hee Kah Ship See Yo: Goodbye/Go Safely

Soo Guh Heet Sahm Nee Dah:

You Worked Hard

Kahm Sah Hahm Nee Dah: Thank You

Chuhn Mahn Eh Yo: You´re Welcome

Soo Ryuhn Geut: Finish Practice

Soo Ki (Hand Techniques)

Juhng Gwuhn: Straight Punch 

Soo Doh: Knife Hand

Yuhk Gwuhn: Reverse Punch (Uppercut)  Yuhk Soo Doh: Ridge Hand

Il Ji Gwuhn: 1-Finger Fist

Ssahng Soo Doh: Double Knife Hand

Hah Ji Gwuhn: 4-Knuckle 

Fist Hweh Juhn Soo Doh: Circle Knife Hand

Gahk Gwuhn: Back Fist

Pyung Soo: Palm Strike

Kah Mah Mahk Ki: Spinning Back Fist

Ssahng Pyung Soo: Double Palm Strike

Sohn Deung: Backhand Strike

Sah Mah Gwi: Praying Mantis Hand

Gwahn Soo: Spear Hand 

Pahl Koom Chi Ki: Elbow Strike

Leg Techniques

Ahp Cha Ohl Li Ki: Straight Leg Kick  Ahp Cha Ki: Front Kick

Hoo Li Ki: Sweep

Bahl Deung Cha Ki: Turning Kick

Jik Uh Cha Ki: Axe Kick

Bahl Koom Chi Doh Li Ki: Hook Kick

Doh Rah Cha Ki: Spin Kick 

Yuhp Cha Ki: Side Kick

Ahn Dah Ree: Inside Kick

Dee Cha Ki: Back Kick

Bah Gaht Dah Ree: Outside Kick Moo Reup Cha Ki: Knee Kick

Dee Doh Rah Yuhp Cha Ki: Turn Back Side Kick

Nak Bub - Falling Principles

Ahp Nak Bub: Front Fall

Hweh Juhn Nak Bub: Rolling Fall

Dee Nak Bub: Back Fall

Goh Yahng Ee Nak Bub: Cat Roll

Yuhp Nak Bub: Side Fall

Gong Joong Hweh Juhn Nak Bub: High Fall

Ahp Yuhp Nak Bub: Twisting Fall

Doo Sohn Poong Cha: 2-Hand Cartwheel

Hahn Sohn Poong Cha: 1-Hand Cartwheel

Pahl Koom Chi Poong Cha: Elbow Cartwheel

Moo Ki (Weapons)

Geum: Sword

Pook Chae: Fan

Jool Bong: Flail

Dahn Geum: Knife

Dahn Bong: Short Staff

Kahl Geum: Short Knife

Poh Bahk: Rope

Jee Peng Ee: Walking Cane  

Chang: Spear

Jang Bong: Long Staff

Dahn Bo Nim

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Jo Kyo Nim



Nak Bub


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